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Singles - Waiting and Resurrecting You


"...a symphonic pop song that resembles some of the contemporary music coming out of Western Europe or North America...well worth a listen." Mathew Forss.

I initially used this song as a backing track for the Waiting animated video, as it was just over two and a half minutes long and animation can be very, very, very time consuming. Then going through the final song production process I decided to lengthen the song and give it a rockin outro.

All the session players recorded some great performances. The strings, sax, and slide guitar helped give this song a very nice arrangement. It took a long time to get to the final mix and master of the recording but was well worth the journey and effort.

Resurrecting You

"...anthemic guitars and thumping percussion matches the scintillating musical tones coming from diverse instrumentation. The guitar solo near the mid-point of the song is one of the best on the album." Matthew Forss.

This single is a radio friendly, shorter, version of the song than can be found on the EP. The song started out being just an instrumental chord progression kind of song for a couple of weeks, which was musically inspired after going to a G3 concert earlier in 2012.

Watching Joe Satriani blaze away pointing his finger to the sky, and the extraordinary Steve Vai, doing amazing melodic riffs and chord sequences was inspirational, and got me back falling in love with my guitars once again. The lyrics actually came a couple of weeks later.

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