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Tony Vox resurrecting you - Album Cover Resurrecting You album cover

About The Album

Five different songs have been recorded and produced for the Resurrecting You album. I initially intended to record some of my older songs but then I got inspired and started writing again during the recording process.

Producing the songs for the album started with my Protools demos that I recorded at home. Then it became a long process of communicating with the Studio Pros session musicians in Los Angeles, who recorded their various parts such as drums, bass, guitars, keys, sax, strings and backing vocals. This allowed me to focus specifically on the singing and the final songwriting production process.

Once the recording had been completed the journey then continued to find a mix engineer that heard it and felt it the way I did. Eventually I found Scott in Europe, a very talented and creative mix engineer. Scott is so talented he also did the mastering for me as well.

I ended up with five songs but decided to produce three unique mixes for Waiting with the main rock ballad, the string quartet arrangement, and a shorter length video mix. I liked the string quartet version so much that I decided to also include it on the album as a sixth song, a reprise ensemble version with the rhodes piano and the beautiful female backing harmony voices as accompaniment.

Song List Style
1. Falling In The Rain Rock Pop Alternative
2. Waiting Rock Ballad
3. Dreaming Again Pop Rock
4. I Don't Know Why Rock Alternative
5. Resurrecting you Rock
6. Waiting (Ensemble) Strings Rock

Album Credits  
Album-EP Title Resurrecting You
Artist - Singer Songwriter Tony Vox
Recorded by Studio Pros
Mixed By Scott Horton
Mastered by Scott Horton
Cover Art Tony Vox
Produced by Tony Vox and
  Studio Pros
Release Date Dec 5, 2012

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