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About Me

I am an independent singer songwriter and recording artist from Australia, who enjoys playing solo acoustic sets.

Recording and producing rough demos has usually been my approach to songwriting. To me, it is more about getting the feeling and ideas recorded when inspired. Then onto capturing the next song... I also tend to write in a variety of styles which reflects my personality, experiences, and imagination. I guess you could say that I am a guy with a big heart and an even bigger imagination, who likes to explore the moment and loves voxing.

I am reasonably proficient at using song production software such as Protools, but at the end of the day I feel a song needs to stand on it’s own with just the lyrics, melody, and an acoustic guitar. However, nothing beats a great production and great session musicians playing on your tracks, as I found out recently.

Fortunately I had a modest budget, motivation, and enthusiasm to get some of my songs professionally recorded in 2012. This created an opportunity for me to just focus on the singing and songwriting while producing the Resurrecting You album. This album was actually recorded at a distance, communicating via the Internet, which was very cost effective and allowed me access to some amazing world-class musicians in Los Angeles.

I wrote some new songs during the production process for my current album. So I am now in the process of planning the production for my next recording project. I also designed and put together this website to promote and distribute my music, as I also have experience with relevant graphics, authoring, and animation software.

If you would like to hear more Tony Vox music then please have a listen and download my songs. It would be great to have a decent budget so I can actually be in a studio with the session musicians when laying the tracks for my next batch of songs. Maybe even jam with them too!


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